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Evolving Growth

“Don’t grow if it will make you sick.” This is what the “mother” had told them. My client was a small, dynamic company that produced kombucha, a natural fermented drink believed to have significant health benefits. The group had asked me to help them figure out how to respond to a huge upsurge in demand […]

The Deep Why

It doesn’t seem to come naturally for people to take the time to connect deeply with WHY. Despite Simon Sinek‘s best efforts, there’s still a strong urge to jump to WHAT. But there’s so much reward (clarity, engagement, energy, moral authority, creativity…) to be found in the WHY. “How can you know the ‘why’ if […]

Beyond Best Practices: How to Listen for Generative Threads of Aliveness in Stories of What Works

How many conferences have you been to that were loaded with dynamic speakers expounding on their latest success stories? This is what sells tickets. And so it should — we all love an inspiring story. More than that, we want to learn from other people’s experience. We want to know what works. The problem arises when all […]

When Warriors Try to Weave

Living Systems, Jung’s Archetypes, and the Fullness of What’s Needed to Cultivate Regenerative Community I recently participated in a nourishing 3½-day gathering of people dedicated to regenerative, life-aligned ways of living. Presentations and conversations swirled through topics like intentional communities, new land ownership models, evolution in consciousness, arts-based neighborhood activism, and more. At a few […]

A Living Systems Lens on Blockchain: The Promise and the Peril

I recently had my first encounter with an honest-to-goodness “blockchain bro” — a young white man enamored of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and eager to evangelize their potential to transform society. This was my chance to get a personalized tutorial in the much-hyped technologies. When I fought my way through the jargon and paraphrased back to my new […]

In Search of Sacred Ground: Regenerative Agriculture’s Lessons for the Whole of our Lives

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the first Annual General Meeting of Regeneration Canada, an organization dedicated to growing the regenerative agriculture movement. It was a joy to be with such warm, passionate people and to learn about this practical and profound way of relating to the life of the land. Not surprisingly, […]