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Lessons from Amsterdam

Stepping out of the train station in the center of Amsterdam, I was immediately struck by the way the city flows.  “It’s orderly… but organic,” was the thought that came to mind.  There are three times as many bicycles on the road as cars (three times!), and even more pedestrians.  Then there are the busses […]

Ten Frames

I heard a beautiful story recently – a true story set at the height of World War II during the devastating Siege of Leningrad, when the Germans blockaded and bombed the city for over two years.  The story centers on the famed Hermitage Museum.  To protect the museum’s vast collection of paintings, the curators and […]

Smart Cities, Living Cities

I spoke last week at Webcom, a Montreal-based conference about “smart cities” – meaning, those that are connected, informed and creative thanks to digital technology.  The message I shared was that cities are “smartest” when they operate in alignment with Nature’s core operating pattern, and that creating the conditions for life to thrive needs to […]

It’s Alive!

I had a wonderfully stimulating lunch conversation with new acquaintance Lise Palmer of Spark Consulting recently.  She had the delightful ability to challenge everything I’m passionate about in a light, playful way so that we could both happily learn through the discussion.  Specifically, she was (and generally remains) skeptical about “the universal applicability of the living […]