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A Living Systems Lens on Blockchain: The Promise and the Peril

I recently had my first encounter with an honest-to-goodness “blockchain bro” — a young white man enamored of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and eager to evangelize their potential to transform society. This was my chance to get a personalized tutorial in the much-hyped technologies. When I fought my way through the jargon and paraphrased back to my new […]

In Search of Sacred Ground: Regenerative Agriculture’s Lessons for the Whole of our Lives

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the first Annual General Meeting of Regeneration Canada, an organization dedicated to growing the regenerative agriculture movement. It was a joy to be with such warm, passionate people and to learn about this practical and profound way of relating to the life of the land. Not surprisingly, […]

Beyond the Buzzwords: The Need for a Deeper Look at Thrivability, Regenerativity and Resilience

Over the past two decades, the business world has gradually become more aware of living systems principles. The vocabulary of emergence, resilience and self-organization has grown more common, as has the general language of purpose, passion and thriving. Even the human spirit has emerged as a more welcome concept at work. It has also been […]

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Destiny or Downfall? The Decision Point in American Democracy

The United States seems to be veering dangerously close to Constitutional crisis. Both sides of today’s political divide claim to be standing up for the true intentions of the nation’s founders. So, who’s right? The answer is: neither, and both. The founders laid out a quite a brilliant and comprehensive plan. But their vision is […]